Winning Strategy to cheat binary options brokers: Catch the Trends (Beginners)

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There are many strategies to earn money with Binary options – hundreds, but the ones used by Pros can be counted with the fingers of one hand.

The most used is without any doubt the one that analyzes market’s trends.

The great thing of trend’s strategy is that it doesn’t require advanced trading capabilities but just a good instinct and some patience.

Before to continue reading you must ask yourself if by looking at the below chart you can

1) Identify a trend

2) Draw the a trend’s line

3) Spot the rupture point (when a trend is starting o ending) Individuare

If the answer is yes you can continue reading.

We called our strategy “Catch The Trend” for the simple reason that it requires patience and a good sight!

Let’s see how it works.


1) Identify a trends whose behavior seems regular (avoid products that are on the news for instance..)

The chart  we show above it has regular trends and is easy to identify.  Let’s look at it and try to imagine how it could progress looking only at 11:00 (Don’t cheat by looking what happens next!)

9:00/10:00 AM – We identify a negative trend (A) and we wait it gives us the signal we are waiting.

10:00 – It starts to go up.

10:05- It passes the highest pick of the day.

10:15 – The grows continue…it goes up. It is Time to move – FAST! We open a position and we monitor it constantly.

10:45 – Something happens. The grow stops and for 20-30 minutes it maintains a certain level. That’s the moment to divest if you set it manually. We suggest always to work with 5-10 mins time frame MAXIMUM.

IF you had followed these basic instructions you would find yourself with a 80% earnings accomplished in less than 30 mins.


11:00 – It is now time to hold. After a growing trend there is always a neutral behavior that can ends both ways (see what happens between 10:30 and 12:15)

12:15 – a new trend starts (a shorter one) but if you saw the rupture point (when it passes the highest point of the previous trend) you would have been able to earn again



Why this is an interesting strategy?

Because it can be used at any time and from traders that don’t have the time to sit all day in front of the screen or to read long experts analysys

What’s the secret again?

1) Identify the rupture points and wait for the trending signal (UP or DOWN)

2) Train! Train! Train! (By using free demo accounts offered by our suggested brokers)

What’s the weakness of this strategy

1) Getting bored….and there it is when you make a mistake and you will burn all day earnings

The broker we suggest to start testing this strategy is WITH NO DOUBT IqOption, it integrates easy to read charts, simple guides and tips and is fully regulated by several Authorities like Consob (Italy) and CYSEC (Cyprus).




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